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Types of Propery


Find property - Listings which includes Commercial, Industrial and Residential

Commercial Bldg.jpg

Commercial Properties can be divided into Retail in shopping Mall and Office buildings.

Types of Commercial Properties
(1) Retail in Shopping Mall
(2) Shophouse
(3) Office
(4) Mix Development


Industrial Bldg.jpg
Residential Bldg.jpg

Industrial properties are categorised into two zoning:

(1) Business 1 (B1) is usually intended for light and clean industrial
(2) Business 2 (B2) sites may be used for heavy industries 

(3) Food Factory 


Residential Property:

(1) HDB
(2) Executive Condominium
(3) Condominium
(4) Landed

The Launch of Food Manufacturing Industry Transformation Map

(1) Strengthen ecosystem for Food Innovation and R&D
(2) Build globally competitive local food companies

(3) Drive productivity through automation

(4) Redesign & create quality jobs
(5) Food Innovation Cluster to faster R&D
(6) Create 2000 PMET Jobs

(7) Raise productivity by average annual growth rate of 4.5%

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Growing Urban Populations and Global Middle Class


The global demand for food is increasing in tandem with population growth. The world’s urban population is expected to grow rapidly to 68% by 2050, up from 55% in 2018. This means that 2.5 billion people will be added to cities around the world by 2050.

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